Where are the LabVIEW examples?

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Where are the LabVIEW examples?

Post by spflanze »

On page:
https://www.picotech.com/library/picoap ... k-examples
I see:
“All examples here can be found in the SDK packages on the Downloads page.”
The “Download page” is a link to:
On this page I follow the path to 3205D for a 32 Bit Windows OS and see these choices:

PicoScope 6.13.6
PicoLog 5.25.3
PicoSDK 10.6.12 (32-bit)

I downloaded and installed them all. I presumed the SDK Package referred to is “PicoSDK 10.6.12 (32-bit).” But I do not see a .vi or .llb file in any of the files that installation file installed. Nor did I see these in the files any of the other two installed. Where are the LabVIEW examples?

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Re: Where are the LabVIEW examples?

Post by Martyn »

The examples are now hosted on our GitHub Pages

This allows us to refresh the code more easily, to add functionality, or fix issues.
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