Problem running Picoscope 4824 on Labview

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Problem running Picoscope 4824 on Labview

Post by HanwenZ32 » Mon Feb 26, 2018 11:20 pm


After downloading the 4000a 32 bit examples from Github and moving picoipp.dll, ps4000a.dll, ps400aWrap.dll to the labview resource folder, I ran PicoScope4000aExampleBlock.dll.

On the first run, picoscope starts up properly but no data is displayed. After shutting down labview, the picoscope light still stays green. Running labview again returns Error 5003 occured at ps4000aOpenUnit, PICO_NOT_FOUND. At this point, even Picoscope 6 doesn't recognize the hardware even though Device Manager on my computer still says that it's working properly. The only way to have the picoscope hardware work properly again is to restart my computer.

Please give some suggestions on how to fix this. Thanks!

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Re: Problem running Picoscope 4824 on Labview

Post by Hitesh » Tue Feb 27, 2018 9:26 am

Hi Han,

It sounds like the device was waiting for a trigger condition to be met when the example was run, in which case if LabVIEW was closed without the ps4000aCloseUnit() function being called, the device will not be detected again because there will still be a process running with a connection to the device.

If it happens again, call the ps4000aCloseUnit() function (there should be a sub-vi for this) with the handle value of 16384 and this should close the connection to the device, otherwise you will have to close the LabVIEW process via the Windows Task Manager.

Hope this helps,

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