Question about 9300 series and its application video

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Question about 9300 series and its application video

Post by WallaceC »

Hi all,
I am interested in your 9300 series. My team is developing product with DDR2 or 3, Ethernet/RMII, USB. So I want to buy your 9300 for bench test such as
pre-compliance test eye diagram on USB / ethernet (RMII) /SPI/I2C/TDM I2S
But I can't find video about this. In your library, most of 9300 series videos are blank. Could you help me on this so I can get familiar to your product asap?
Besides, I am considering to buy 9302-15 or 9341-20. If a 2 channels model can test eye diagramdifferential high speed signals (USB HS/Ethernet 10/100M), I would like to buy a cheaper one due to limited budget. Could you give me advice on this test?
Thanks & regards,

Pico Stuart
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Re: Question about 9300 series and its application video

Post by Pico Stuart »

Dear Wallace,

Thank you for your inquiry with regard to the 9300 and your associated measurement needs. In order to assist you further please could you mail . I will then be able to contact you directly with a view to arranging a conference call to discuss your requirements in detail and also to demonstrate the features and functions of the 9300 series of sampling scopes from Pico Technology.

The 9300 can achieve differential measurements using two channels. Also included is a comprehensive set of standard masks for example: -

Acquired signals are tested for fit outside areas defined by up to eight polygons. Any samples that fall within the polygon boundaries result in test failures. Masks can be loaded from disk, or created automatically or manually. Mask creation You can create the following Mask: Standard predefined Mask, Automask, Mask saved on disk, Create new mask, Edit any mask. Standard mask Standard predefined optical or standard electrical masks
can be created.

1.25 Gb/s 1000Base-CX Absolute TP2 (1.25 Gb/s)
1.25 Gb/s 1000Base-CX Absolute TP3 (1.25 Gb/s)
GB Ethernet (1.25 Gb/s)
2XGB Ethernet (2.5 Gb/s)
3.125 Gb/s 10GBase-CX4 Absolute TP2 (3.125 Gb/s)
10Gb Ethernet (9.953 Gb/s)
10GbE 9.953 (9.953 Gb/s)
10Gb Ethernet (10.3125 Gb/s)
10GbE 10.3125 (10.3125 Gb/s)
10xGB Ethernet (12.5 Gb/s

I look forward to discussing your application in detail with you.

Kindest regards,

Stuart Murlis
Applications Engineer

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