TC-08 Calibration offsets

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TC-08 Calibration offsets

Post by CraigT » Thu Jun 29, 2017 5:42 am


I just purchased a TC-08 logger and I want to calibrate it so it reads as truly as possible with the Type K thermocouples I have been using for many years now.

I am accustomed to using a reference probe (PT1000) in an oil bath and adding offsets at each end of the scale which would typically be at 0, 121 deg and 135 deg. Then I would monitor against the reference probe to ensure they are as close as possible to the reference probe/ true readings. I can usually achieve 0.1 deg variance if not zero using this method with my current logger.

How do I go through this process to add an offset with the Pico TC-08? I cannot find a way to do it in offsets without importing a scaled file which I also do not have.

How is it done???

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Re: TC-08 Calibration offsets

Post by Gerry » Fri Jun 30, 2017 1:24 pm

Hi CraigT,

You can use the Table Lookup Scaling method, by first double clicking on an input channel in the PLW Recorder window (having created a new data file), then in the "Edit TC-08 Channel" window, select "Options", then "Scaling", then click to expand the drop down list for "Scaling Method", and select "Table Lookup". Next, enter pairs of Raw and Scaled data as follows:
0 (your measured equivalent for 0)
121 (your measured equivalent for 121)
135 (your measured equivalent for 135)
(make sure each pair of values has a space separation)
Once you have exited the windows, PicoLog will now apply the offsets and interpolate between them.

You can also save and reload the values to and from a scaling file.


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