[Solved] DrDaq segfaults on open in Ubuntu 16.04

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[Solved] DrDaq segfaults on open in Ubuntu 16.04

Post by tmkr »

Hello everyone,

whenever I try to open my DrDaq unit it just segfaults. It does so with Picoscope and with a custom written software:

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#include "usbDrDaqApi.h"

main(int argc, char *argv[])
  short hnd;

  stat = UsbDrDaqOpenUnit(&hnd);
This simply segfaults for me, and as I said above, if I try to start Picoscope with my DrDaq connected, it segfaults as well.
I get a "general protection" fault in "libusbdrdaq.so.2.0.0" in my kernel log for the custom software as well.

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance and kind regards!

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Re: [Solved] DrDaq segfaults on open in Ubuntu 16.04

Post by Hitesh »

Hi tmkr,

I have responded via your e-mail support ticket.

How did you resolve this?


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