PicoScope 9300 Programmer's Guide Questions

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PicoScope 9300 Programmer's Guide Questions

Post by robert1 »

I am using a PicoScope 9300 and have a couple of questions on the Programmer's Guide.

The following commands are listed in the Programmer's Guide, but I receive a return value of "ERROR" from ExecCommand.

ExecCommand("Gui Invisible")

I am able to successfully execute the other commands from the Programmer's Guide, so I know the COM object is working correctly.

Also, the Programmer's Guide does not elaborate on the 'Gui' command. I would like to control the PicoScope from a custom application--and not have the PicoSample3 application visible. It appears that when a PicoSample3 COM object is created, the PicoSample3 executable is launched. Is there a way to have this happen in the background? I'm hoping that this is what the Gui command ("Gui Invisible") does, but I have not been able to verify this yet.


Pico Stuart
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Re: PicoScope 9300 Programmer's Guide Questions

Post by Pico Stuart »

Dear Robert,

Thank you for posting your questions with regard to the Invisible and ExecSave commands listed in the current PicoScope 9300 programmers guide.


Following on from your request I have tested these through and confirm that these functions are currently not active. To this end I will raise the relevant reports with the 9300 PicoSample software developers and make sure that this is resolved in a timely manner.

In the meantime please could you mail support@picotech.com and I will then ensure we get this resolved.

Kindest regards,

Stuart Murlis

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