Data logger Pt104, Ethernet problem

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Data logger Pt104, Ethernet problem

Post by lena »


I was successfully using RPi (Raspbian GNU/Linux 7 operating system) and a simple python script to obtain the temperature values. However when I wanted to switch from USB to Ethernet connection a problem occured.
Here is a part of the code that I was using for a USB connection:

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status_unit=mydll.UsbPt104OpenUnit(byref(handlePointer),'Serial number')
print 'open unit status:', status_unit
print 'open channel status', status_channel
For the Etharnet connection I just replaced the old status_unit with:

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status_unit=mydll.UsbPt104OpenUnitViaIp(byref(handlePointer),'Serial number','IP address')
I run the script as a root and for the values of status_unit and status_channel got the values of 3 and 12, respectively (instead of 0 and 0). I have to note that ethernet is enabled and running without any problems with a Picolog recorder.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Data logger Pt104, Ethernet problem

Post by Hitesh »

Hi lena,

When connecting via USB what value do you get for handlePointer?

Are you passing the strings 'Serial number' and 'IP Address' as an argument? If so, that would be incorrect - you should be passing the string representing the serial number e.g. 'ABC12/345', the IP address with port number (e.g. '') or pass a null parameter.


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