USB-Driver crashes on a restricted windows-system

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USB-Driver crashes on a restricted windows-system

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We are using PicoScope 3204 on a Windows 7 system in school. The windows installation is restricted in use (guest status). We are using PicoScope 5. In some cases the usb-driver crashes after about 30 minutes or PicoScope 5 only starts with an virtuell scope. In other cases it just workes fine.

Sometimes it workes to pull and insert again the usb-plug to solve the problem (usb-driver is installed again). What can i do to avoid these errors?

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Re: USB-Driver crashes on a restricted windows-system

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We would strongly advise to upgrade to PicoScope 6 software, as we no longer support or update PicoScope 5.
PicoScope 6 has a lot of great new features over PicoScope 5.
Also the driver for your scope will have many updates and bug fixes since PicoScope 5.
If you did want to keep using picoscope 5 you could try replace the driver file- ps3000.dll there no guarantee this will work correctly.
You would need a newer version of the driver from installed directory of PicoScope 6.

We can offer instructions to help your IT department deploy the PicoScope 6 software.
Please email for more information on this.
Regards Andrew
Technical Specialist

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