Resolving PicoScope Instrument Driver Connection Issues

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Resolving PicoScope Instrument Driver Connection Issues

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This post aims to resolve some of the common issues that arise when attempting to connect to the PicoScope MATLAB Instrument Drivers.

1. Unable to connect to a device
  • Check that the device is connected to the PC and listed in the Windows Device
  • Confirm that the LED on the front of the device is illuminated.
  • Ensure that no other instance of an icdevice object corresponding to a previous
    connection is present – if so, delete it.
  • Ensure that appropriate Config script has been run to setup paths - note that the paths to the dynamic link library (dll) files can be set via the Config script when using the SDK for Microsoft Windows platforms installer.
  • If using PicoScope or later, and SDK or earlier, please download and install the latest SDK from (also refer to this post)
  • Ensure that the device is not being controlled by an instance of the PicoScope 6 software.
  • If there is an issue connecting to the device after an error has been encountered when running a script call the disconnect function on the icdevice object and try connecting again.
2. ‘Not a valid Win32 application’ error when loading dynamic link library files
  • Ensure that the correct 32-bit or 64-bit DLLs are on your MATLAB path or in the same directory as the Instrument Driver file depending on whether using a 32-bit or 64-bit version of MATLAB.
3. Attempt to connect to a device having previously terminated a script with Ctrl-C results in a lockup
  • Disconnect the USB cable from the oscilloscope and close MATLAB using the Windows Task Manager.
  • Connect the USB lead again.
  • Restart MATLAB.
4. Driver Disconnect Code - Attempt to reference field of non-structure array error
  • This occurs if the Instrument Driver is expecting to reference items extracted from the prototype files. Confirm that the output variable names for loading the contents of the Prototype files in the Config scripts have not been changed. This will be resolved in future releases.
5. Warnings relating to FcnPtr when running a script
  • This is expected and refers to the C-style callback functions for block and streaming mode which MATLAB does not support.
6. Library was not found
  • This can occur if the library file location is not on the MATLAB path.
  • Another cause might be if the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable has not been installed on MS Windows platforms - this is required for the wrapper libraries that are used.
If you are still experiencing issues, please post in a separate thread or e-mail
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