PT100s + Intro

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PT100s + Intro

Post by dirk.bruere »

Hi - I'm a research engineer working in the field of precision measurement for SMS Ltd. Currently looking to measure temperature to extreme accuracy, cheaply! Ultimately a PT100 will be included in a new product, but until then we will probably use a Pico 104 temperature logger for R&D.

My technical question concerns the classification of PT100 sensors. What physically differentiates (say) a Class A from a Class B? Is it merely calibration, or are there internal material/physical differences?

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Re: PT100s + Intro

Post by Karunen »

Hi Dirk,

There is no physical difference.

The difference is the tolerance of resistor used.
Therefore the typically accuracy of the probes are:

Class A = ±0.15 °C @ 0 °C

Class B = ±0.30 °C @ 0 °C

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