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I am trying to use the excel example in the PS3000Askd folder. I am using Excel 2010 with Windows 7. on a 64bit PC.
I have run the DPInst.exe program and loaded the PS3000a.dll and ps3000awrap.dll into windows/system32 folder.

When I try to run spreadsheet and press the Get Block button a progress bar window comes up, the driver version info etc is displayed then the program crashes with an error box saying it cannot find ps3000awrap.dll.

There are two versions of ps3000awrap.dll. in Wrapper/Release/ which one should I be useing (I have tried both), where should I put it..

Any other ideas??

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Re: ps3000awrap.dll

Post by AndrewA »

Hi Whiskeymack,

Do you have 32 or 64 bit version of office installed?
To find this In excel -click on the File menu tab - then click Help - look in the right hand pane under About Microsoft Excel.
I have made a zip file with a full 32 and 64 bit Excel examples, can you email
And I will send these to you. These will be added to a future SDK package.

If your version of Excel 2010 is 64 bit-
(You have to add PtrSafe after Declare key word of the function) Eg

Code: Select all

Declare PtrSafe Function ps5000aOpenUnit Lib "ps5000a.dll" (ByRef handle As Integer, ByVal serial As String, ByVal Resolution As Long) As Long
Please copy the supplied dll’s into your \Windows\system32\ folder, before running the example.

If your version of Excel 2010 is 32 bit on Windows 64 bit-
Please copy the supplied dll’s into your \Windows\SysWoW64\ folder, before running the example.

Regards Andrew
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Regards Andrew
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