RH-02 power

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RH-02 power

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We have a number of RH-02 units

They need to be powered via the serial lines. The data sheet states:

7 RTS Held at a positive voltage (>7V) to power the RH-02
4 DTR Held at a negative voltage (<-7V) to power the RH-02

I need to be able to power this unit from a machine that does not let me set the DTR and RTS lines. It looks like there is a 5v regulator inside, but I can't find its datasheet...

Does anyone know what input voltage range I can / should apply across the DTR/RTS lines to succesfully power the device?

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Re: RH-02 power

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It will need to be at least +7V on Pin7 and -7V on Pin4. Without this the RH02 will not operate correctly
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