TC-08 modifications (serial)

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TC-08 modifications (serial)

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i hope you can help me, I am after some detail about the TC-08 Serial logger particularly either a schemtic diagram of the circuit or at least what the IC numbers are as they have all been ground off.

I have been inside it and noticed a PIC microcontroller, so I am assuming that this does the 'communicating' to the PC via an RS232 converter of some sorts.

what i am trying to do is convert the serial TC-08 to USB, and i was hoping that rather than convert the RS232 to USB, if the PIC is communicating it will be via UART into a RS232 converter or similar so i am wanting to cut the RS232 conversion out all together, and convert the PIC UART to USB using an FTDI type converter.

I hope this makes sense and hopefully someone can help me with the info i require.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: TC-08 modifications (serial)

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This will be answered through the ticket you have submitted on our helpdesk.
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