DrDAQ Latching or crashing - problem & solution FYI

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DrDAQ Latching or crashing - problem & solution FYI

Post by ipohsib » Wed Mar 27, 2013 3:03 pm

I found that my DrDAQ would stop working for no apparent reason - either I would find that the red light on the board was no longer flashing (i.e. solid red and a daily occurrence) or the software itself would close itself down completely (infrequent and in the middle of the night).

Initially PICO support suggested electrical interference causing the hardware to "latch". I wasn't happy with this solution as there was nothing remarkable close to the board or any other heavy electrical equipment close to the board.

I installed the software on a different laptop and couldn't repeat the problem so focussed on the original Dell laptop running the software.

I found that the DRDAQ would latch at the same time every day - 10 am – After checking computer error logs and running the task manager I finally found/caught the process that was somehow conflicting with the PicoLog/DrDAQ software – it was an executable called pcdrcui.exe which was running as part of the Dell Support Centre monitoring software that came installed on this particular 3 year old laptop.

I uninstalled this software more than 10 days ago and haven't had a problem since.

Pico support indicated that this process must have been hogging all the computer's resources and because "PicoLog was designed in the days before multi-tasking" PicoLog can't cope.

As I couldn't find a mentioned on the forum of anyone else suffering from this, I wrote this post :wink:

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