Signal accumulation with 3206A

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Signal accumulation with 3206A

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I created soft for signal waveform accumulation with 3206A oscilloscope.
We collected small luminescence and measured luminescence decay, which take from 100 ns up 2 mks (we wrote article "Measurement of the luminescence decay times of PbS quantum dots in the near-IR spectral range" ... 0X12060136). At first we used Tektronix TDS-2022B, but one collects 60 waveforms/s or 150000/h only. Therefore we didn't measure longer than 6 hours (or less then 1 million, but we wanted more and more))).

But we bought 3206A! One is more complicated for our task. We've had velocity about 1700 waveforms/s now (it could be up 2 times higher with more powerful computer. Our 2GHz Celeron takes a half of total time for average calculation).

I took demo software, made a bit changes with it and added one additional function (I hope I hadn't broken copyright infringementany. If I did it, I should correct). Here averaging is made by blocks (or 25000 waveforms), and then these blocks are averaged too.

I used Microsoft Visual 2010 Express. Console mode.

I hope it could be useful in case everyone accumulate waveforms.

Add: I don't know why I had to set trigger level to -20mV instead -2V (or -200mV, I've forget output trigger level from my generator). But I think It because my clock pulses are very short for selected time scale.

PS You need also PicoScope3000a.llb, PS3000a.dll, ps3000aWrap.dll and ps3000a.lib. I hadn't pack them into archive because size.

PPS Sorry for my English)
picoscope_averager_1.0 20121217 sources and
Archive with sources for Microsoft Visual 2010 Express and .exe program.
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