open source project to create Linux driver for DrDAQ

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open source project to create Linux driver for DrDAQ

Post by bobicanprogram » Fri Apr 20, 2012 3:05 pm

I have created a new open source project whose aim will be to create a Linux libusb-1.0 based driver for the DrDAQ device. The home page is at:

We are encouraged by the recent success of another opndrs subproject which involved the libusb-1.0 and are looking to use that learning on the DrDAQ problem.

Since we have no documentation on the DrDAQ USB protocol, we'll have to employ sniffers to tease out this information from the interaction of the Windows code with the DrDAQ device. As such we'll be looking for volunteers who have such a setup and are willing to install some USB sniffer software to feed the group some USB data.

If you are interested in volunteering your expertise we can use you. If you are just wanting to learn a little about libusb drivers we can use you too. If you are a Linux developer and interested in testing any code we come up with, we can use you also. Just contact us on the project mailing list.


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