8-channel thermocouple data logger

Fast and accurate temperature data acquisition

TC-08 temperature data logger and PicoLog 6 software

The TC-08 thermocouple data logger is designed to measure a wide range of temperatures using any thermocouple that has a miniature thermocouple connector.

All popular types of thermocouple are supported, allowing an effective temperature range of –270 to +1820 °C  (the actual temperature range depends on the thermocouple being used).

Temperature data acquisition with the TC-08 is very easy: simply plug the TC-08 into a USB port on your computer (no external power required), connect your thermocouples, and you are ready to measure temperatures. Easy-to-use PicoLog data acquisition software is supplied with the TC-08, allowing you to start measuring and recording temperatures with the minimum effort. The intuitive PicoLog user interface makes it easy to set how frequently you want to take a measurement, and the number of measurements you want to take.

From just £289